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Malachite Gemstone: Harnessing the Power of Mercury.¬†Malachite gemstone, also known as the “Natural Kidney Gemstone,” is ruled by the planet Mercury (Budha) in astrology. Mercury is associated with qualities such as cleverness, intellect, wit, and humor. Wearing this genuine kidney stone is believed to have a positive impact on various aspects of health and well-being.


    Malachite Gemstone: Harnessing the Power of Mercury

    Malachite gemstone, also known as the “Natural Kidney Gemstone,” is ruled by the planet Mercury (Budha) in astrology. Mercury is associated with qualities such as cleverness, intellect, wit, and humor. Wearing this genuine kidney stone is believed to have a positive impact on various aspects of health and well-being.

    Malachite is known for its healing properties and is believed to help prevent health issues such as migraines, headaches, and mental instability. It has the ability to absorb negative energies, promoting inner balance and harmony. In addition, this gemstone is said to have the power to heal relationships and foster a sense of unity.

    By wearing the Malachite gemstone, one can tap into the energies of Mercury and experience its beneficial effects on the mind, body, and relationships.

    (1.) Malachite: A Gemstone Born from Copper Ore

    Malachite, often referred to as the “kidney stone,” is a copper carbonate mineral that forms as a result of prolonged exposure to copper ore. It is commonly found alongside other minerals such as azurite, calcite, and goethite, enhancing its natural beauty.

    (2.) Captivating Green and Blue: The Allure of Malachite

    Malachite, more abundant than its counterpart azurite, shares similar characteristics with it. These semi-precious stones are frequently found in crystal form, showcasing stunning shades of green and blue that captivate the eyes of beholders.

    (3.) Historical Significance: From Pigment to Gemstone

    Once used as a mineral pigment in green paintings, the easily energized malachite gemstone has a rich history. Over time, synthetic colors replaced malachite as a pigment, but its significance as a gemstone remained.

    (4.) Stylish Accessories: Azurite Malachite Jewelry

    Azurite malachite rings, bracelets, and pendants crafted from these exquisite gemstones are popular choices among jewelry enthusiasts. The unique blend of azurite and malachite creates alluring pieces that make a fashion statement.

    (5.) Healing Powers: Beyond the Name “Kidney Stone”

    The malachite stone, known as the “kidney stone” due to its association with kidney disorders, possesses remarkable healing properties. It has also been used to treat various fish infections, highlighting its diverse applications beyond its name.

Price & Quality

Price: The price of kidney stones ranges from Rs. 300 to 1000 per carat, depending on factors such as origin, color, clarity, and shape.

Origin: Kidney stones are sourced from various countries including Mexico, France, Israel, and South America.

Color: The predominant color of kidney stones is a dark green hue, which adds to their unique appeal.

Clarity: Kidney stones typically exhibit limited clarity, appearing translucent rather than fully transparent.

Shapes: The common shapes found in kidney stones are oval and round, showcasing their natural beauty in elegant forms.

Care & Cleaning

Proper Cleaning and Care for Kidney Stone

Use Gentle Cleansers: Instead of using specific cleaning agents meant for ornaments, opt for mild detergents in warm water to clean your kidney stone. Avoid using cleaners with abrasive components that can damage the natural shine of the stone.

Soak and Rinse: Place your kidney stone in the mild detergent solution for a few minutes, allowing it to soak. Then, rinse it thoroughly with warm water to remove any residue. Finally, dry the stone gently using a soft cloth.

Expert Cleaning: For high-quality kidney stones, it is recommended to have professional cleaning done by a jeweler. Jewelers possess the expertise and techniques required to cleanse and clean precious or semi-precious gemstones effectively. Entrusting your kidney stone to an expert ensures proper care and maintenance.

How to Wear?

Wearing the Kidney Gemstone (Malachite Stone)

Carat Weight: It is recommended to wear the kidney gemstone (malachite stone) in a weight that is 1/10th to 1/12th of your body weight.

Metals: The ideal metals for setting the kidney gemstone are copper and panchdhantu (a combination of five metals).

Finger: The kidney gemstone can be worn on the middle finger, or you can consult with an astrologer to determine the most suitable finger based on your individual horoscope.

Day & Time: Choose any auspicious day to wear the kidney gemstone, preferably between 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM. This timing is considered favorable for energizing the stone.

Chanting Mantra: While wearing the kidney gemstone, chant the mantra “Om Bhum Budhaya Namaha” 108 times. This mantra is associated with the planet Mercury (Budha), which governs the malachite stone.


The Kidney gemstone, also known as Jade, possesses remarkable properties that provide various astrological advantages in life. You can acquire the Kidney gemstone from Future Point to experience these benefits.

  1. Manifesting Dreams: The Jade or Kidney stone aids in transforming dreams into reality, helping the wearer achieve their aspirations.
  2. Calming Influence: When the wearer’s mind is overwhelmed and in conflict, the gemstone brings a sense of calm and harmony, promoting inner peace.
  3. Steadiness and Sincerity: The gem bestows stability and sincerity upon the wearer, helping them maintain a balanced and authentic approach to life.
  4. Protection and Stability: The Kidney gemstone provides mental and physical stability, acting as a shield to protect the wearer from negative energies and challenges.
  5. Realizing Life Goals: It assists the wearer in realizing their life’s objectives or aspirations, empowering them to pursue their passions with determination.
  6. Courage and Resilience: The gemstone strengthens the wearer’s courage and compassion, making them resilient in the face of adversity and challenging circumstances.
  7. Health Benefits: It is believed to offer protection against liver and kidney issues, promoting overall well-being and vitality.
  8. Longevity and Peaceful Transition: Wearing the Kidney gemstone is associated with a long and peaceful life, facilitating a serene passing when the time comes.
  9. Enhanced Creativity: By stimulating fresh and creative thoughts, the gemstone boosts the wearer’s level of inventiveness, fostering innovative ideas.
  10. Amulet for Protection: Astrologers recommend wearing the Kidney gemstone as an amulet to safeguard against negative energies while traveling.
  11. Recovery from Setbacks: It helps the wearer prepare for or recover from significant setbacks, providing the strength and resilience needed to overcome challenges.
  12. Decision-Making Support: In work or business matters, the Jade gemstone supports the wearer in making sound decisions and choices.
  13. Motivation and Goal Achievement: The gemstone increases the wearer’s motivation to reach their life goals, inspiring them to strive for success.

Experience the mystical benefits of the Kidney gemstone by adorning it as a symbol of positive energy and empowerment in your life.

Who should Wear?

Benefits of Kidney Stone (Malachite Gemstone)

  1. Moderate and Healing Stone: Kidney Stone, also known as Malachite, is a gentle and healing stone that offers numerous advantages without any adverse effects.
  2. Promotes Healing: Malachite facilitates physical, mental, and emotional healing, providing holistic well-being. It can be worn without any constraints or limitations.
  3. No Astrological Restrictions: Natural kidney stones, like Malachite, are not considered astrological stones, allowing individuals to wear them without the need for advice from an astrologer.
  4. Suitable for All: Anyone, regardless of age or gender, can wear a Malachite gemstone and benefit from its positive energies.
  5. Flexible Wear: Malachite can be worn at any time and every day, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for as long as you desire.
  6. Personalized Use: It is important for individuals to wear gemstones based on their individual needs and purposes, aligning the stone’s energies with their specific intentions.
  7. Unique Therapeutic Qualities: Each gemstone possesses distinct therapeutic qualities and powers, providing specific benefits to the wearer in ways that are appropriate for their well-being.

Embrace the healing and beneficial properties of the Kidney Stone (Malachite Gemstone) as you incorporate it into your life, experiencing its positive effects without any limitations or restrictions.

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