Moon Stone

Moonstone, a semi-precious gemstone, derives its remarkable properties from the planet Moon. It is extracted from Feldspar, a common mineral, and is considered a divine and auspicious gemstone. Moonstone is known to be particularly beneficial for lovers, as it symbolizes new beginnings and brings luck in relationships. It possesses the power to balance emotions, reduce aggression, alleviate stress, and dispel negativity. Sri Lanka and Australia are the primary sources of this gemstone.


    In Vedic astrology, Moonstone is believed to be favorable for everyone, but it holds special significance for individuals born in the month of June. When worn in accordance with jyotish (Vedic astrology) rituals, a genuine Moonstone can yield enhanced results and positive effects for the wearer.

    The Mystical Moonstone: Symbolism and Meaning

    Moonstone, one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones worldwide, holds immense symbolic value and is cherished for its unique properties.

    A Stone of Emotions and Inner Wisdom: The enchanting Moonstone is intricately connected to the energies of the moon. It serves as a powerful tool for emotional balance, guiding individuals to delve deep within themselves to discover their inner truth, wisdom, and connection to the higher self. The stone encompasses the realms of thoughts, mental well-being, and overall mental state.

    Nurturing and Soothing Energies: The mesmerizing Moonstone radiates gentle, soothing maternal energies, creating a comforting and loving embrace around the wearer. It acts as a nurturing force, providing a warm cocoon of support and care.

    Amplifying Psychic Abilities and Intuition: Moonstone is highly sought after by healers and psychic channels who adorn themselves with Moonstone bracelets and other jewelry. The gemstone is believed to enhance psychic abilities and tap into intuitive talents, facilitating profound spiritual experiences and insights.

    The Power of Love and Mystical Qualities: Genuine Moonstone is renowned for its ability to foster love in all its forms. In India, the Moon Stone crystal holds great significance, particularly among astrologers who recognize its impactful and mystical qualities.

    Moonstone stands as a captivating gemstone, embodying deep symbolism and metaphysical attributes that continue to captivate individuals seeking emotional balance, inner wisdom, and spiritual connections.

Price & Quality

Factors Affecting Moonstone Price

The price of Moonstone varies based on its quality and characteristics, including type, color, surface perfection, luster, and shape. Additionally, the availability and demand for specific types and colors also influence the global market value of Moonstone.

Origin of Moonstone

Moonstones are primarily classified into two types: natural Moonstone and cultured Moonstone. Cultured Moonstone, which is manually produced, serves as the cheaper option, costing around Rs 300 per carat, but it holds no astrological significance. On the other hand, natural Moonstone, due to its rarity and high demand, is valued ten times more than polished pearl. The real Moonstone retains its traditional importance and holds substantial power. Other unique types like Tahitian Moonstone and Mabe Moonstone may also command a high value in the gem market for their beauty and allure.

Shape and Quality

Finding a well-rounded Moonstone is challenging, so the more spherical the stone, the more valuable it becomes. Moonstones with ornate shapes are more readily available and comparatively less expensive. In terms of quality, Moonstones with fewer and shorter faults are considered more expensive. Secondary flaws do not significantly impact the value of Moonstone. A Moonstone with dazzling brilliance commands a higher price, while dull and opaque pearls are priced lower.

Color and Weight

Moonstone prices are higher for white gemstones with a rosy overtone. Creamy golden Moonstones or Tahitian black Moonstones also fall on the higher side due to their dark exotic colors. The presence of yellowish and greenish overtones might lead to a decrease in the overall cost of Moonstone. Additionally, the size or weight of the stone has a significant impact on the price per carat. Larger Moonstones are more expensive compared to similar smaller pearls due to the additional time and effort required for their formation.

Current Market Prices

Currently, Moonstone prices in Indian rupees start from Rs 300 per carat and can go up to Rs 500 per carat and above.

Challenges in Obtaining Results from Moonstone

Many individuals do not experience positive results from wearing Moonstone. Here are some reasons why:

Authenticity: The market is flooded with fake gemstones, and there are dealers selling fake gemstones at original prices. It’s essential to ensure the authenticity of your Moonstone, as a fake stone will not provide the desired effects.

Heating: Some Moonstones, although genuine, may have undergone heating to enhance their color or clarity. It is advisable to obtain your gemstone from a trusted dealer.

Treatment: Treated Moonstones may enhance their beauty but not their astrological value. Wearing treated stones may not provide the desired astrological benefits.

Care & Cleaning

Proper Care and Cleaning of Moonstone

Moonstones are delicate gemstones that can maintain their luster for years with proper care and cleaning. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Choose Moonstones with Thick Nacre

When purchasing Moonstones, select ones with thick nacre. This helps them withstand wear and maintain their beauty over time.

Avoid Household Chemicals

Keep your Moonstones away from household chemicals such as hairspray, cosmetics, perfume, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals. These substances can cause blemishes, stains, and dullness on the surface of the stones. To prevent these effects, make sure to put on your Moonstone jewelry as the last item when dressing and remove it as the first item after returning home.

Be Mindful of the Natural Material

Moonstones contain a natural material called conchiolin, which can dry out over time. High temperatures can also damage this material. Additionally, water can carry acids that may dissolve the aragonite crystals within the layers of nacre. Therefore, it’s important to handle your Moonstone jewelry with care.

Gentle Cleaning Process

To clean your Moonstone jewelry, use very mild, soapy water and nothing else. Avoid using any harsh cleaning agents or abrasive materials. Gently wash the stones in the soapy water and then rinse them thoroughly. Afterward, wipe them dry with a soft cloth before storing them.

By following these care and cleaning instructions, you can help preserve the beauty and luster of your Moonstone jewelry for years to come.

How to Wear?

Dharan Vidhi for Moonstone:

To derive maximum benefits from your Moonstone ring, follow the Dharan Vidhi (wearing procedure) outlined below:

  1. Preparation:
    • Find a peaceful spot in front of any temple.
    • Fill a Kalash (vessel) with pure unboiled cow milk, Ganga jal (water from the Ganges river), honey, and flowers.
  2. Cleansing the Ring:
    • Dip the Moonstone ring into the Kalash, immersing it in the mixture of milk, Ganga jal, honey, and flowers.
    • While washing the ring, keep chanting the mantra “Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandmse Namah” at least 108 times.
  3. Final Steps:
    • Rinse the Moonstone ring with Ganga jal to remove any residue.
    • Wear the ring with positive thoughts and intentions, connecting with the energy of the Moon.
    • Embrace the influence of the Moon to experience its maximum benefits.


Moonstone Dharan Vidhi Guidelines:

  • Carat Weight: The recommended carat weight for Moonstone is 1/10th to 1/12th of your body weight.
  • Color: Moonstones are available in various colors including White, Grey, Peach, and Rainbow.
  • Metal: It is advisable to wear Moonstone in a Silver setting.
  • Finger: Wear the Moonstone ring on your Little Finger.
  • Day & Time: Monday between 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM is considered auspicious for wearing Moonstone.
  • Chanting Mantra: Chant the mantra “Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandmse Namah” at least 108 times.
  • Planet: Moon is associated with the Moonstone.
  • Vedic Raashi: Moonstone is particularly beneficial for individuals born under the Vedic Raashi of Cancer (Kark).
  • Western Sun Sign: Moonstone is favorable for individuals with the Western Sun Signs of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces.


By following this Dharan Vidhi and wearing your Moonstone ring according to these guidelines, you can enhance the positive influences and benefits associated with the Moonstone gem.


The Mystical Powers of Natural Moonstone

Bears Anger: Wearing a Moonstone helps individuals in managing their anger and promotes a sense of calmness and composure.

Brings Certainty in Thoughts: Moonstone is known to enhance concentration, boost confidence, and facilitate better self-expression, making it beneficial for individuals in creative and artistic professions.

Increases Maternal Relationship: The Moonstone, associated with the nurturing energy of the moon, strengthens the bond between a person and their mother, fostering a deeper and more harmonious relationship.

Better Eyes, Skin & Heart: Moonstone is believed to provide protection against water-borne illnesses. It promotes water balance in the body, resulting in healthier skin, brighter eyes, and a strengthened circulatory system.

The Queen of Gems: Moonstone has been cherished throughout history, worn by iconic figures like Cleopatra and Angelina Jolie. It has earned a reputation as the “queen of gems” due to its exquisite beauty and timeless elegance. Known by various names in different cultures, such as ‘Tarak Ratna’ or ‘Chandra Ratna’ in Hindi, this gemstone continues to be a symbol of class and style.

Embrace the enchanting qualities of Natural Moonstone and experience its mystical and healing powers.


Who should Wear?

Harnessing the Power of Moonstone in Astrology

Indian Astrology and Moonstone: In Indian astrology, Moonstone is closely associated with the planet Moon. By wearing this stone, individuals can strengthen the influence of the Moon in their horoscope, leading to enhanced calmness, mental balance, positivity, and overall well-being.

Vedic Astrology and Moonstone: Vedic astrology specifically recommends Moonstone for individuals born under the zodiac sign Cancer (Kark Rashi). It is considered auspicious and beneficial for Cancer natives to wear Moonstone.

Western Astrology and Moonstone: In Western astrology, Moonstone is also prescribed for individuals born under the Cancer zodiac sign. Additionally, it is believed to bring positive results for those with Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces as their ascendants.

Unlock the astrological potential of Moonstone and embrace its harmonizing energies to align with the celestial forces that govern your life.

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