Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam, is a highly precious gemstone with a captivating blue hue. Belonging to the Corundum mineral family, it holds immense significance in Vedic astrology and exerts a powerful influence on various aspects of a person’s life, including business, career, health, marriage, and overall accomplishments.


    Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam, is a highly precious gemstone with a captivating blue hue. Belonging to the Corundum mineral family, it holds immense significance in Vedic astrology and exerts a powerful influence on various aspects of a person’s life, including business, career, health, marriage, and overall accomplishments.

    Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam, holds a strong astrological connection to the planet Saturn (Shani). It is believed to be a stone that acts swiftly, capable of either enhancing or disrupting the wearer’s destiny.

    This valuable gemstone belongs to the Corundum family, with its brilliant blue color attributed to traces of cobalt within the stone.

    In Vedic astrology, Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is highly regarded for its effectiveness in various areas of life, including business, career, health, and marriage. It is predominantly sourced from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Burma, and Kashmir, and is worn to promote peace of mind and facilitate wise decision-making.

    Blue Sapphire is known to aid in managing neurological disorders and proves especially beneficial for individuals going through challenging periods of “Shani Sade Saati” in their lives.

    The original Neelam stone is believed to provide protection against natural calamities, accidents, and theft. It can particularly benefit individuals in fields such as martial arts, drama, and cinematography.

    Proper care must be taken to ensure that this astrological gemstone is worn correctly.

    To learn the proper methods and ensure the purchase of an original and certified gemstone, one can rely on Astro Gems Lab, a reputable provider of precious and semi-precious jyotish gemstones. It is possible to purchase pure and 100% natural Blue Sapphire online, accompanied by a government lab certificate.

    Blue Sapphire Cut: Faceted, Cabochon

    Blue Sapphire Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

    Blue Sapphire Color: Light Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue

    Blue Sapphire Transparency: Translucent, Semi-Transparent, Transparent

    Blue Sapphire Treatment: Unheated, Untreated

    Blue Sapphire Shapes: Oval, Cushion, Round, Square

    Blue Sapphire Certifications: IGI-GTL, IIGJ, IGI Certified

Price & Quality

The price of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) can vary significantly, starting from Rs. 1,000 per carat and reaching up to Rs. 250,000 per carat or even higher. This variation depends on several factors, including the cut, color, clarity, carat weight, origin, and treatment of the gemstone.

Cut: The cut of the blue sapphire plays a significant role in enhancing its qualities and hiding imperfections. Well-faceted blue sapphires with desirable shapes, such as Oval Mixed, Emerald Cut, Cushion Mixed, and others, command higher prices.

Color: Blue Sapphire belongs to the corundum mineral family, and its color is influenced by impurities. The most valuable sapphires exhibit rich and saturated shades of blue, often referred to as “Royal Blue” or “Cornflower Blue.”

Clarity: Blue Sapphires typically contain inclusions, but their visibility or lack thereof can affect the stone’s value. Some inclusions, when fine and dispersed like particular clouds, can give the sapphire a velvety appearance without compromising its transparency. Generally, clearer Blue Sapphires command higher prices.

Carat Weight: Larger, flawless Blue Sapphires are rare to find naturally, so their price increases with size. In simple terms, the larger the carat weight of the Blue Sapphire, the higher its price.

Origin & Source: Blue Sapphires from specific sources are highly sought after. Kashmir sapphires are valued for their velvety “Cornflower Blue” hue and minute inclusions, with prices ranging from around Rs. 50,000 per carat to Rs. 500,000 per carat. Burma (Myanmar) sapphires are also highly prized, with prices starting from approximately Rs. 20,000 per carat and going up to Rs. 500,000 per carat and beyond. Sri Lankan or Ceylon Blue Sapphires are more readily available and commonly used for astrological purposes, making their prices generally lower, ranging from Rs. 1,000 per carat to Rs. 100,000 per carat and above.

Treatment: Blue Sapphires may undergo high-temperature treatments to enhance their color or improve accuracy. Additionally, glass lead may be used to fill pits and cracks, enhancing transparency. It is advisable to purchase a certified blue sapphire (Neelam) online or from a trusted shop, ensuring the stone’s authenticity with a proper certificate.

Care & Cleaning

The captivating and enchanting blue color of the Neelam Stone is highly valued among gemstone enthusiasts. It is often chosen as an ideal gemstone for daily wear jewelry such as rings and bracelets. However, without proper care, the stone’s appearance can become dull over time. To maintain its beauty and brilliance, it is essential to take good care of your precious Blue Sapphire. Here are some guidelines on how to care for your Neelam stone:

Instead of using any specific cleaning agent designed for jewelry, opt for soft cleansers mixed with warm water to clean your Blue Sapphire. It is important to use mild detergents without harsh abrasives that could potentially damage the natural shine of the stone.

Allow your Blue Sapphire to soak in this cleaning solution for a few minutes, then rinse it with warm water and gently dry it with a soft cloth.

For high-quality Blue Sapphires, it is recommended to seek expert cleaning services provided by a professional jeweler. They possess the necessary expertise and techniques required to cleanse and restore the natural beauty of precious gemstones.

How to Wear?


  1. Begin by purifying the blue sapphire to remove any impurities. Soak the stone in a mixture of unboiled milk, pure Ganga water, honey, flowers, and pure ghee.

  1. Recite the sacred mantra of Shani (Saturn), “Om Pram Preem Paroum Sah Shanye Namah,” 108 times.

  1. Once the purification process is complete, wear the blue sapphire ring on the middle finger of either hand, while maintaining positive thoughts and intentions.

  1. It is important to note that individuals belonging to the Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus zodiac signs can also wear the Neelam (blue sapphire) birthstone.


Weight: Choose a blue sapphire stone that weighs approximately 1/10th to 1/12th of your body weight (e.g., a person weighing 60 kgs can wear a 6 to 7 carats stone).

Color: Blue sapphire gemstones come in light, medium, and dark shades.

Metal: Mount the blue sapphire in silver or white gold.

Finger: Wear the blue sapphire ring on the middle finger of your working hand.

Day & Time: Wear the blue sapphire on Saturday, early morning between 5 to 8 AM.

Chanting Mantra: Chant the mantra “Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah” 108 times.

Planet: Blue sapphire is associated with Saturn (Shani).

Vedic Raashi: Suitable for individuals born under Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) according to Vedic astrology.

Western Sun Sign: Recommended for individuals with the Libra (Tula) sun sign.


Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is a highly renowned gemstone, known by various names such as Neelamani, Neelamani, Indraneel, Indraneelam, and Neela Pukhraj. In ancient times, people believed in its protective powers, especially during the challenging phase of Shani-Saadesati, as it had the ability to resolve financial, professional, and psychological issues.

Enhanced Mental and Physical Strength: Neelam provides relief from joint pain, arthritis, and helps maintain the health of vital organs. It brings tranquility to the soul and alleviates anxiety, confusion, and depression.

Swift Career and Business Success: Saturn, the ruling planet of Neelam, rewards individuals with rapid progress. Those experiencing stagnation in their careers can break through the obstacles and change their fortunes by wearing Blue Sapphire.

Boosted Financial Prosperity: One of the most remarkable benefits of Blue Sapphire is its ability to swiftly reverse a declining fortune. Neelam strengthens the influence of Saturn, granting individuals ample opportunities to create and manage wealth.

Fostered Discipline, Patience, and Detachment: Saturn instills discipline in the wearer’s lifestyle, promoting focus, determination, and progress in work. The positive effects of Neelam gemstone can be seen in the form of rewards obtained through enhanced work ethics.

Cultivated Patience and Detachment: Saturn introduces self-control into a person’s life, fostering concentration, determination, and progress in their endeavors. The benefits of Blue Sapphire manifest in the form of recognition and success, resulting from the individual’s evolved work values.

Wide Recognition and Popularity: Whether it’s a creative pursuit or a political ambition, Neelam assists individuals in gaining recognition and appreciation for their talents and hard work from the appropriate communities, thus attracting fortune and opportunities.

Who should Wear?

Blue Sapphire, being associated with the karmic planet Saturn, holds significant value for individuals going through challenging phases such as ‘Shani Sadhe Saati’ or ‘Dhaiya’ in their lives. Due to its potent effects, the use of Neelam should be recommended by experienced astrologers with utmost caution.

In Western astrology, blue sapphire is suggested as a birthstone for Libra. In Indian astrology, Neelam Ratna is recommended for individuals with Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) Rashi.

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