Turquoise (Irani Firoza)

Irani Firoza (Turquoise Stone): A Powerful Gemstone with Astrological Benefits. The natural Irani Firoza, commonly known as Turquoise Stone, holds immense astrological significance and is considered a powerhouse of benefits. It encompasses a range of positive attributes that can enhance various aspects of life.


    1. Boosts Self-Confidence: Irani Firoza increases self-confidence, empowering the wearer to express themselves with assurance and assertiveness.
    2. Provides Peace of Mind: Wearing this gemstone promotes inner peace and tranquility, enabling the mind to find serenity amidst life’s challenges.
    3. Enhances Creativity: Irani Firoza stimulates creativity and artistic abilities, fostering innovation and imagination in the wearer.
    4. Improves Attractiveness: This gemstone enhances the wearer’s attractiveness and charm, making them more appealing to others.
    5. Healing Properties: Irani Firoza is renowned as a healing gemstone, improving sensitivity and enhancing the wearer’s cognitive abilities.
    6. Ward off Evil Eye: It is believed that Irani Firoza can protect against the negative effects of the evil eye, elevating the wearer’s social status and lifestyle.
    7. Balances Chakras and Mood Swings: According to astrology, Irani Firoza helps maintain and balance the chakras while acting as an instant healer for mood swings and emotional imbalances.
    8. Beneficial for Business, Career, and Relationships: Trust the potency of this turquoise stone to counteract negative influences on business, career growth, and relationships.
    9. Associated with Jupiter: Irani Firoza is particularly favorable for individuals influenced by Jupiter, providing them with additional benefits aligned with their astrological chart.
    10. Improves Marital Life: Those facing challenges in their marital life are advised to wear an original Irani Firoza gemstone, also known as Feroza stone, to promote harmony and strengthen the relationship.

    Embrace the power of Irani Firoza (Turquoise Stone) and experience its transformative effects on various aspects of your life. With its rich history and positive attributes, this gemstone has been cherished for centuries, originating from Turkey and serving as a potent symbol of astrological well-being.

    Irani Firoza Gemstone: Unlocking Astrological Advantages

    (1.) Originating from Turkey: The Irani Firoza gemstone, renowned for its astrological benefits, is typically found in Turkey. It is highly regarded for its ability to enhance social standing and wisdom.

    (2.) Balancing Chakras and Healing Powers: A notable quality of this gemstone is its ability to keep the chakras in balance. It serves as an immediate healer, providing stability during mood fluctuations and countering the negative influences of planets or adversaries.

    (3.) Protection from the Evil Eye: The Irani Firoza stone acts as a protective shield against the malicious gaze of those who wish to hinder your progress. It safeguards various aspects of your life, including happy marriages, family harmony, love life, wealth, and overall well-being.

    (4.) Preserving Marital Bliss and Prosperity: The malevolent effects of the evil eye can disrupt your marital happiness, family harmony, love life, and financial abundance. By wearing the Irani Firoza gemstone, you can shield yourself from these negative influences and safeguard your success in various aspects of life.

    Embrace the power of the Irani Firoza gemstone, harnessed from Turkey, to unlock its astrological advantages. Let it protect you from the malevolent energies, promote balance in your chakras, and bestow wisdom and prosperity in your journey through life.

Price & Quality

Irani Firoza (Turquoise) Gemstone Price and Quality

(1.) Price Range in India: In India, the Irani Firoza (Turquoise) gemstone can be purchased at a price ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1200 per carat.

(2.) Conversion to Ratti: To convert the price from per carat to per Ratti, simply multiply the amount by 0.9. For example, if the price is Rs. 1000 per carat, the price per Ratti would be Rs. 1000 per carat x 0.9 = Rs. 900 per Ratti.

(3.) Quality Factors:

  • Origin: Irani Firoza is found in various locations such as Iran (Persia), Tibet, Mexico, Arizona, Egypt, Turkey, and America. The gemstone is highly sought after for its exquisite blue hue and excellent clarity.
  • Colour: The color of Irani Firoza ranges from light sky blue to deep blue and bluish green. A vivid blue or evenly saturated Irani Firoza is considered the finest quality.
  • Clarity: Most Original Irani Firoza stones are opaque with mildly visible matrix and spots. Finding a clean and spotless Irani Firoza is rare, making it more valuable.
  • Shape: Irani Firoza is a durable gemstone with a hardness of 5 to 6 on the Mohs Scale. It is available in various shapes, with oval and drop shapes being the most common. A uniformly shaped Turquoise is highly regarded.

Discover the allure of Irani Firoza (Turquoise) gemstone with its varying shades of blue and green. Consider its origin, color, clarity, and shape to find the perfect piece that embodies both beauty and value.

Care & Cleaning

Care Tips for Your Irani Firoza (Turquoise) Stone

(1.) Cleaning Process: Instead of using specific cleaning agents meant for ornaments, opt for soft cleansers in warm water to clean your Irani Firoza stone. Ensure that you use mild detergents without any abrasive properties that could potentially damage the natural shine of the gemstone.

(2.) Soaking Method: Allow your Natural Turquoise Stone to soak in the cleaning solution for a few minutes. Then, rinse it with warm water and gently dry it using a soft cloth.

(3.) Expert Cleaning: For high-quality Original Irani Firoza stones, it is recommended to seek expert cleaning services provided by a jeweler. They possess the expertise and techniques required to cleanse and maintain precious or semi-precious gemstones.

Preserving the natural beauty and shine of your Irani Firoza stone is essential. By following these care tips and entrusting the cleaning process to professionals, you can ensure that your gemstone retains its allure and remains in excellent condition for years to come.

How to Wear?

Dharan Vidhi (Wearing Ritual) for Turquoise Stone

(1.) Purification Process: Begin by washing the Turquoise ring in a Kalash (pot) containing a mixture of Cow Milk and Ganga Jal (holy water). As you perform this step, it is recommended to burn incense sticks and create a sacred atmosphere.

(2.) Chanting and Mantra: While holding the ring, recite the Turquoise Mantra at least 108 times. The powerful mantra to be chanted is “Om Ghram Ghreem Ghroum Sah Guruve Namah.” This chanting helps to infuse positive energy into the gemstone.

(3.) Final Cleansing: After completing the chanting, wash the Turquoise ring again, this time with Ganga Jal, to purify it further.

(4.) Wearing the Ring: Wear the cleansed and charged Turquoise ring with positive thoughts and intentions. It is advisable to wear it on the Index Finger of your dominant hand.

Key Specifications for Wearing Turquoise Stone

  • Carat Weight: The recommended carat weight for the Turquoise stone is 1/10th to 1/12th of the wearer’s body weight.
  • Color: Turquoise stones are available in various shades, including Brown-Turquoise and Greenish-Blue.
  • Metal: The ideal metals for setting Turquoise are Gold and Panchdhatu (an alloy of five metals).
  • Finger: Wear the Turquoise ring on the Index Finger.
  • Day & Time: Optimal time for wearing the ring is on Wednesday between 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
  • Chanting Mantra: Chant the mantra “Om Ghram Ghreem Ghroum Sah Guruve Namah” 108 times.
  • Planet: Turquoise stone is associated with the planet Jupiter.
  • Vedic Raashi: Suitable for individuals with the Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs.
  • Western Sun Sign: Recommended for those born under the Cancer zodiac sign.
  • Suitable Ascendants: Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio ascendants are considered compatible with wearing Turquoise.

By following these Dharan Vidhi instructions and considering the specific guidelines, you can experience the maximum benefits and astrological effects of wearing Turquoise stone.


Fruitful in Academics & Creative Profiles

(1.) Academic Excellence: Irani Firoza is believed to have a positive impact on academics, making it beneficial for scholars, researchers, and teachers. Its association with the planet Jupiter (Brhaspati) enhances decision-making skills and aids in intellectual pursuits.

Healthy Financial Status

(2.) Wealth and Prosperity: Irani Firoza is strongly connected to wealth and prosperity. This gemstone possesses metaphysical properties that promote financial stability and abundance.

Improved Social Life

(3.) Enhanced Social Status: Wearing Irani Firoza can significantly improve the social status and overall social life of the wearer. It enhances charisma, charm, and social interactions.

Effective in Curing Liver & Lung Disorders

(4.) Healing Properties: Irani Firoza is renowned for its healing properties, particularly for conditions related to the liver, lungs, and weakened immunity. The stone is believed to aid in the treatment of ailments such as jaundice, tuberculosis, and diabetes.

By wearing Irani Firoza, individuals may experience academic success, improved financial well-being, enhanced social standing, and potential health benefits. It is important to note that gemstones are not a substitute for medical treatment, and professional medical advice should always be sought for health-related concerns.

Who should Wear?

History and Distinctive Color

(1.) Coveted Gemstone: Turquoise stone has a rich history and is highly sought after as a gemstone and ornamental stone due to its unique color and characteristics.

Symbolism and Cultural Significance

(2.) Sacred Stone: In Buddhist culture, turquoise is held in high regard and considered a sacred stone with spiritual significance.

Astrological Advantages

(3.) Astrological Benefits: Turquoise stone is associated with numerous astrological advantages for the wearer, offering positive influences in various aspects of life.

Universal Compatibility

(4.) Zodiac Compatibility: Turquoise stone can be worn by individuals of all zodiac signs, as it is believed to have no adverse effects and can bring benefits to anyone who wears it.

Turquoise stone carries a fascinating history, holds cultural and spiritual significance, and offers astrological benefits to individuals from all zodiac signs. Its versatility and positive attributes make it a cherished gemstone for many.

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