You probably remember that the latest Russian troops, who have been on the outskirts off Kiev, withdrew from there

You probably remember that the latest Russian troops, who have been on the outskirts off Kiev, withdrew from there

He spotted it-all

“I’m not planning to dwell toward reasons. With no Zelensky repulsed anything here. Putin withdrew these types of soldiers later on. How could he [Zelensky] has actually defended it? Did the guy damage the fresh new Russian army truth be told there? Zero. As a result of this he says the guy the time a brave feat one to hadn’t happened. Putin withdrew these types of soldiers off Kiev,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “He had been seated during the a-root cellar during the time, Diana. Your Zelensky are sitting when you look at the a root basements in those days. Although army spotted how it would prevent.”

“I will criticize Volodya Zelensky. To own his insufficient sense, ostentatious conclusion. He’s got always been this way. It starred an associate. Yet, as i have said, it problems come out of Leonid Danilovich [Ukraine’s 2nd President Leonid Kuchma]. Discover no obvious method back then; it had been an in the past-and-forward,” your mind regarding state told you.

Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled his meeting with President off Russia Boris Yeltsin and you can President out of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma you to happened following the constitutional referendum during the Belarus: “Leonid Danilovich already been speaking of Ukraine and you can Yeltsin told you: “Pay attention, Aleksandr Grigorievich, why wouldn’t you let your write a significant composition and hold a referendum. I told you, better, getting major, I’m ready to slope in.”

He did not struggle people and don’t repulse some thing

Depending on the Belarusian head from state, a good draft composition was created together with Ukrainian specialists. “It actually was more, therefore to say, democratic than simply that Belarus and you can Russia. It is the same as ours. Which composition will have saved Ukraine away from one to in pretty bad shape that took place after. That it composition try in a position. View polls ideal (we did not cover up the fact that I became in the procedure) the Ukrainians would have offered they. However, big date try passing by in addition they was in fact throwing the fresh is subsequently,” the head regarding condition detailed. “As to why thus? He [Leonid Kuchma] asserted that the brand new Verkhovna Rada won’t citation this structure. We objected: Tune in, you’ve not even recorded they on Verkhovna Rada yet; as well as, can it very not in favor of people’s tend to? You could potentially keep a great referendum. You could potentially put it so you can vote in a referendum, have it approved then yield to the new Verkhovna Rada,” Aleksandr Lukashenko appreciated.

“In other words, that has been one of the possibilities. Which was where all of it already been. Kuchma, upcoming Yushchenko, after that Yanukovich. The problems was snowballing. In the long run it all descended on Volodya Zelensky, he had been perhaps not an effective politician, he had been newbie, government is actually just not their situation. However, he promised (in one movie Servant of those) to handle oligarchs, theft, crooks or other trouble and work through dilemmas around Ukraine, an incredibly breathtaking and you may rich country alkuperГ¤inen lГ¤hde. He’s got made their sleep, so now he need to lie inside. He or she is not exactly suitable man for it employment,” Aleksandr Lukashenko told you.

“Again, Zelensky isn’t the just one responsible. It is a fact, he was perhaps not around the work. However, was just about it more comfortable for someone else? Was it more comfortable for Putin when he became Chairman? Otherwise was just about it more comfortable for Belarusians? Belarus was a basket instance, we’d no cash, absolutely nothing. We were remaining inside the good pickle. I posted such banknotes portraying bunnies, think of?” your head out-of state questioned.

Your mind away from state recalled exactly how anything developed in Ukraine less than additional Presidents. There can be a chance to stop war, but it wasn’t used. The fresh novice Ukrainian Chairman Vladimir Zelensky, just who stumbled on power to the help of the Western and you may first of all the usa, didn’t manage the issue.

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